Voting for GCC2015 Training Day opens on Jan 19, 2015

Topics have been nominated by the Galaxy Community (see below for a short list and for more details). The nominated topics are now being normalized in a complementary, non-overlapping set of topics, and that set of topics will be voted on by the Galaxy Community. Voting will be open 19-30 of January.

Topics will then be selected and scheduled based on community voting, and the organizers’ ability to confirm instructors for each session. Some very popular sessions may be scheduled more than once. The final schedule will be posted before registration opens.

Nominated Topics

  • Introduction to Galaxy
  • Finding causative mutations in genomes with a Candidate SNP approach
  • The Galaxy Database Schema
  • Setting up a Galaxy instance as a service
  • Personal Genomics Using Galaxy
  • Analysing genomes in Galaxy with GATK
  • Installing tools
  • Turning a script into a Galaxy tool
  • Running Galaxy on Docker and StarCluster
  • Building Tools for Galaxy Toolshed
  • Deploying Galaxy CloudMan on private clouds
  • Galaxy Interactive Environments
  • Scripting Galaxy using the API and BioBlend
  • Test-Driven Development of Galaxy Tools with Planemo
  • The Galaxy API and the Java Virtual Machine
  • Visualization of NGS Data
  • RADseq data analysis through STACKS on Galaxy
  • Reference data management in Galaxy using BioMAJ
  • Advanced Workflows and Variables
  • Microbiome Sequencing Using Galaxy
  • Using GSuite tools to manage and analyze collections of genomic datasets
  • Creating dynamic tools with Galaxy ProTo

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