Galaxy Community Conference 2015 Update

This year’s Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2015) will take place from 6-8 July in Norwich, UK.

The GCC is the Galaxy community’s annual gathering of users, developers, and administrators. Previous GCCs have drawn over 200 participants, and we expect that to happen again in 2015. GCC2015 is being hosted by The Sainsbury Laboratory in Norwich, UK, immediately before BOSC and ISMB/ECCB in Dublin.

GCC 2015 Events

The GCC2015 meeting will be held on 7-8 July.

GCC2015 comes with associated pre-conference events such as Hackathons and Training Days. This year an additional Training Day (Training SunDay) will be offered, as well as a novel kind of Hackathon from the Galaxy power-user’s perspective.

  • Code Hackathon, 4-5 July

    An intense two-day hands-on collaboration to develop working code that is useful to the Galaxy community. If you know how to code, and want to contribute to one of the most successful open source projects in the life sciences, then please consider attending. See the Code Hackathon home page for more.

  • Data Wrangling Hackathon, 4-5 July (new)

    An intense two-day hands-on collaboration to develop cutting edge analysis pipelines that are useful to the Galaxy community. If you know data analysis, we would love to have you here to help us beat back those seemingly unsurmountable analysis challenges. See the Data Wrangling Hackathon home page for more.

  • Training SunDay, 5 July (new)

    Something new for GCC2015 is Training SunDay, an additional day of training offered the day before its older sibling Training Day, and featuring a single track with the most in-demand topics. You can attend both Training Days, or just one. Training SunDay features these three topics:

    • Introduction to Galaxy
    • RNA-Seq Analysis with Galaxy
    • Visualisation of NGS Data

    These three topics are also offered on Monday, the 6th July. You can register for one or both Training Days.

  • Training (Mon)Day, 6 July

    The schedule for Training Day, Monday, 6 July is available. Training Day features five parallel tracks, each with three, two and a half hour workshops. There are topics on using Galaxy, interacting with it programmatically, and deploying, administering, and extending Galaxy. No matter what you do with Galaxy, there are workshops for you.

Early Registration Opens in March

Early registration (save heaps) will open this month. Early registration is very affordable and starts at less than £40 per day for students and postdocs. If you work in data-intensive life science research, then it is hard find a meeting more relevant than GCC2015. We look forward to seeing you there.

Abstract Submission is Now Open

Abstract submission for Oral and Poster Presentations at the 2015 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2015) is now open.

Abstract submission for oral presentations closes 10 April, while poster submission closes 1 May. Poster authors will be notified of acceptance status within two weeks of submission, while oral presentation authors will be notified no later than 24 April. Please consider presenting your work. If you are dealing with big biological data, then this meeting wants to hear about it.

GigaScience Logo

We are pleased to announce that again in 2015, any oral or poster presentation will also be eligible for consideration for publication in the GigaScience “Galaxy: Data Intensive and Reproducible Research” series (first announced for GCC2013). GigaScience is pleased to offer a 15% discount on article publishing charges for accepted papers from GCC2015.

GCC2015 Sponsorships

BioTeam Logo

We are pleased to announce that BioTeam will again be a Gold Sponsor for this annual event. This is the third year in a row that BioTeam has been a GCC Gold Sponsor.

Call for Sponsors

The 2015 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2015) is now accepting Sponsorships. Your organisation can play a prominent part in the Galaxy community by sponsoring GCC2015. Sponsorship is an excellent way to raise your organization’s visibility.

Several sponsorship levels are available, including two levels of premier sponsorships that include presentations. Premium sponsorships are limited, however, so you are encouraged to act soon.

Please let the organisers (gcc2015-org AT lists DOT galaxyproject DOT org) know if you are interested in helping make this event a success.

Content adapted from The March 2015 Galaxy News of the GalaxyProject.

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