Computational Biologist / Bioinformatician @ TSL

The Sainsbury Laboratory is looking for a dynamic, motivated individual to join an exciting bioinformatics team. The team provides bioinformatics infrastructure and capability to the laboratory as well as carrying out exciting research linked to the core TSL objectives.

Opportunities you could exploit in this role:

Work across important projects related to plant pathology
Develop your skills in infrastructure and/or analysis and/or software engineering
Extremely strong connections to the worldwide Galaxy community
Develop your own research stream
World-class scientific collaborators in the wet lab
Develop open science pipelines and practice

Responsibilities of this role:

In concert with a SysAdmin and HPC tech support team maintain accessibility and utility of a Galaxy instance
Develop and provide training courses inc Software Carpentry courses
Provide ad hoc advice and guidance on bioinformatics experimental design and execution
Carry out high throughput analysis on varied lab projects

Applicants should have a PhD, preferably in a bioinformatics related field, together with a background in computational biology, molecular biology, microbiology, plant biology or a related field. Experience with several of the following activities would be desirable: microarray analysis, high-throughput sequence analysis, gene prediction, proteomic analysis, population genetics, quantitative genetics, phylogenetic analysis, comparative genomics, SNP and CNV analysis, programming of object recognition and imaging software. Prior experience of the Galaxy bioinformatics platform would be an advantage.

Candidates would be advantaged by an understanding of high-throughput genomic analysis and familiarity with widely used genomic and proteomic databases and methods. Competence with bioinformatic scripting languages, particularly Python and/or Perl, is essential, as is experience handling data from the Illumina platform or other high throughput sequence systems. A desire to develop and implement new tools and methods is highly advantageous. As the post will include some training responsibilities, the candidate must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

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